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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  October 8, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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morning with a live look of national ballpark and thousands are gearing up for the susan g. komen's walk for the cure. you're going to see a lot of folks walking throughout the nation's capitol and in surrounding areas. i'm steve cheveney. >> i'm allison seymour. the opening ceremony is getting underway here and we salute all of those taking part for this worthy cause. >> and what a great morning. >> as you pointed out for the walkers, not a bad thing and with cool mornings and comfortable days. a nice series of days on tap for you. this is a look at the current conditions reported. 54 degrees and 80% humidity, winds are calm and the barometric pressure is on the rise, 30.05 and rising. the satellite radar composite, there is nothing to see. we're cloud free and that is
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the way it looks here and precipitation free, of course and this finally pulled away. there are lingering clouds over northern new england and that is it. the day planner for today, a glorious day and lots of sunshine. the temperatures above normal. look for a high in the mid-70s and not a bad day at all. we'll look at the forecast coming up in just a bit and now light get an update on traffic. >> reporter: i'm still stinging from the last break we did. >> we love you. >> it's t.g.i.f. on the roads and not looking bad. the nice, easy ride there and crew and sky fox are there and near arlington boulevard, going to find the lanes are open and to 66. and we're still below speed and they have been busy doing the hot lane work. again, construction cleared for the time being, lanes are opened and no speed approaching
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route 50 and in monasses. to downtown, the susan g. komen walk for the cure and winding up in german town, maryland and that is the focal point of delays in south capitol street and to that douglas bridge. all lanes are open and there is a lot of police presence and a lot of pedestrians out there and that is what is causing the slowdowns here and the outer loop of the beltway below speed, 95 around the georgia avenue, and colesville road, authorities checking for a crash there and that is's look at your on-time traffic. a suspect in a deadly hit and run turned herself in to police. >> she turned herself in a few minutes ago and sherri ly was there when it happened. >> reporter: we know the suspect in that deadly hit-and-
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run is in police custody at the second district police station and an arrest warrant, police tell us, was issued although they won't say what the charges are. the police previously said they planned to charge her with vehicular manslaughter. dorit david deanson arrived at the second district police station accompanied by a man police describe as a relative before 5:00 this morning. they spoke with officers briefly and she is accused of striking and killing 20-year- old ryan early yesterday morning as she got out of her car on connecticut avenue. a cyclist got a license plate number that led investigators to the condo of davidson. they found her inside her damaged suv and she was arrested on dui charges and later released, pending an arrest warrant in d.c. and police say she was behind the wheel, engine off and no key in
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the ignition. they tell us that davidson will be processed here and will be taken down to police headquarters to a holding cell. she's expected to be arraigned some time later today. that is the latest in northwest. sherri ly. back to you. thank you. our other top stories this morning, a man found dead in his home in fairfax station. this morning, police are searching for his messing vehicle. a family member found the 61- year-old body yesterday afternoon. an autopsy will be done to determine how he died and authorities suspect foul play and they looking for a gold 2002 lexus 470 suv with virginia tags xyw 8197. we're learning more about a woman killed in a fairfax county restaurant. the victim was from falls church. a man she use ised -- used to date stabbed her and that suspect tried to stab himself
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and he was recently released from jail after serving part of the simple assault. the victim's family tells us when he learned of his release, she went to court to get a restraining order against him. an alleged cheating scandal at prince georges police academy will complicate court cases and there is no truth to the reports said the chief. chief hilton said that there is one instructor he describes as lazy. >> we do believe that a procedural issues with that one instructor, he basically provided some answers prior to the administration. >> one group of 32 cadets reportedly cheated on training tests last summer and are officers in the prince georges states attorney. the allegations alone will complicate criminal proceedings they a part of. what does that mean? we'll look at that at 7:15.
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more than two months since a mine collapse in chile. rescue teams say the trapped miners could be pulled out as early as next week and jonathan hunt has the latest. >> we're hoping to get contact more or less this saturday. >> reporter: that is the day that -- could reach 33 trapped miners in chile to provide them an escaped route to the surface. >> we're advancing well in -- and we start the drilling process and -- >> reporter: miners have been trapped about 2000 feet underground since august 5th. once it breaks through, it could turn 3 to 10 more days to safety and that means they could be rescued as early as monday. >> and we're going to take them where they will receive the treatment. >> reporter: they don't begin
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until the rescue team determines whether to insert a steel pipe in the shaft. the mining minister said it's to reduce a risk of a rock full jamming the escape capsule. >> we have to wait three, four days and -- that and man 8 to 10 days if we have to do the case. >> reporter: expectations have been high amongst the families that a rescue is possibly days away and many keeping their spirits up by singing songs and comforting each other. it could take up to one hour for each miner to be pulled to the surface and families were told that each miner will be allowed to have three relatives present to greet him upon rescue. jonathan hunt, fox news. word this morning about the new noble peace prize winner and the chinese government is not happy about the
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announcement. the noble committee announceed a chinese dissident won. he's 54-year-old leo. who has been in prison for calling for more freedom and an end to communist rule. in china this morning, western tv broadcasts went black in hotels popular with foreigners. 8 minutes past the hour. a fire broke out inside a federal building overnight. >> and that means some workers might be able to take a look off. and all eyes -- in our next hour, what is it likely to show. and look at the cheating scandal. more importantly, what it may mean for hundreds of criminal cases throughout prince georges county. that is coming up after the break. 7:08.  blue diamond almonds!
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>> 7:11 right now on a friday morning and let's look at some of the stories making headlines now. an unexpected day off for government workers because of a small fire that happened last night at the commerce department herbert hoover building. started on an empty room of the third floor, at constitution avenue and 14th street. the building will be closed today. the commerce department employees who were building authorized to take administrative leave or work. how far, emergency employees should report to work. we found our monthly jobs report is due out today before the elects. it's not looking optimistic. unemployment is expected to rise to 9.7%. economists say that -- private employers added 75,000 jobs last month and that number will be offset by the loss of census jobs. economists sate job situation won't improve any time soon. president obama wants
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congress to fix a bill the white house thinks could make the current foreclosure crisis worse. the president won't allow foreclosure and other documents to be accepted among multiple states and done see electronically, relaxing rules on what paperwork needs to be note raised. concern is high after executives at several banks last week said they never verified if documents for foreclosures they were approving were accurate. and check in with tony perkins. accurate when it comes to knowing what is going on out there. >> and i'm not going to worry or stress about it. >> good. >> you're right. >> and if we say 79 and hits 81, is that a bad thing? >> not a bad thing. >> a great weekend across the region and start by showing you the current temperatures at the area airport and that is a cool start to the day. 55 degrees at reagan international airport, dulles, 46 degrees out there and bwi marshal coming in at 50
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degrees. temperatures across the united states, pretty much what you would expect them to be and that is 40s and 50s for the most part, 60s in albuquerque. miami, the warm spot, of course and that degrees from and look at the eastern u.s. and rarely do you see it this quiet and nothing is happening in the eastern u.s. because of a large dome of high pressure sitting there and prohibiting the weather from developing under it and that is going quiet. not just here but across the eastern u.s. the next few days and your five-day forecast high again, 76 today under sunny skies and not breezy as it was yesterday. pleasant and tomorrow, a high of 79 and warm and sunny, sunday, highs in the mid-70s, sunday, monday, 80s, tuesday
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we'll add a few clouds into the equation, 81 for your high and that is not bad at all. >> no complaints. >> and julie wright might be okay with that forecast. she should be. >> and i am, actually. and on the roads right now, you're going to find yourself in a jam and leaving kennelworth. all of the slow traffic continues to howard road and this is the problem. inbound south capitol street, we have been talking about this the last few hits and everyone is slowing to seat pedestrian. it's the susan g. komen three- day walk for the cure that is taking place and pedestrians are leaving that park in the direction of german town, maryland, by the end of the walk and there is a lot of police presence and pedestrian traffic. kennelworth avenue to howard road and inbound along south
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capitol street and that is slow and coming off to the parkway and to that freeway. southbound 270, lanes are open and no problems to report. finding yourself below speed and towards mda. lanes are open out of rockville to the split and delays and again at 123 and the stretch at the beltway. that is a check of your fox-5 on-time traffic. >> and more on the cheating scandal. earlier, county officials say there is no indication that dozens of cadets cheated on their police academy tests. an audit shows a instructor recorded perfect scores for more than 30 cadets who are officers and possibly out of laziness and that is what was said when the tests were checked. prince georges county states attorney glen ivy, though, said the allegations alone will complicate any criminal proceedings they're a part of and what does this mean?
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joining us now is the criminal defense attorney chris lobby. thank you for being with us this morning. >> thank you. >> this is important. the police chief said at this point, there is no way to tell or assume that they cheated or the fault of an instructor. that said, the state's attorney saying the fact that the potential is out there could affect a number of the cases. what is the biggest fear as to what could happen as a result of this? college a defense attorney, the biggest thing is disclosure and if there is a difference between honesty, cheating and a sloppy environment. all training institutions probably have a sloppy instructor, so, if there is no cheating involved, it can still be relevant. but it's a big difference, i believe, the investigating is still ongoing and, for example, let's say it's just sloppy. an officer's training can be a important part of the case. often it's used and the reason for, let's say, that they have
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searched someone and based on their training. the defense attorneys can decide how you see information and that judge can rule on whether or not it matters and the difference between the honesty allegation and mere sloppy training environment is a big one. >> and what you're saying is along the lines that just because it happened on the academy, not on the day-to-day job has a major impact on what they doing today even though this happened in an academy set something. it can have a impact, a lesser one but can. your client's walking down the street. the police officers stopped him and eventually it leads to a search. one of the things in court is going to be why did they do it and one of the reasons they will give is based on their
7:19 am
training. if the defense attorney can prove it was a slope environment and everyone was given the answers and not on a dishonesty level, this could affect the case and could cause a case to be thrown out and in the big picture, if they articulate the reasons and get proper experience often, it would not end up in this big of a result. >> right. >> do you think that we will see that now? obviously, there is a potential if you have this many officers. >> uh-huh. >> they have made numerous arrests, say, in the time period between the academy and the present day, do you think we will see an influx now of defends coming forward and saying, well, maybe my case should be reviewed? >> you have to do it for sure and you need to get to the bump which officers were in your case and what happened to the specific officer. each case would have to be looked at differently and there
7:20 am
is no range of conduct and some of them are good officers and, yeah, if you have been convicted or felt you needed to plea guilty because you couldn't contest a certain matter, it would be the duty of the attorney to look into it and that sounds like the prosecutor's office is doing the right thing and plans to disclose the information. >> seems like a huge strain, though o prosecutor's office, in a county where you already have a lot of backlogs of cases and if they would have to go through and review the cases. it would be a huge strain. >> definitely. depends on how many officers were involved, how long they have been on the force --fo, how big were the cases they were in, it's a lot of work. >> and what do you think is the end result? >> i can tell you i hope there is no overt cheating and dishonesty. i always have that -- about the police. it would be a bigger deal. it would effect old cases. if it's a matteref training and there is disclosure of it and
7:21 am
the defense system can play out and the courts can rule on it, it may not effect as much. >> and there is a lot involved. great insight to hear and appreciate you joining us this morning. >> and back to you. >> thank you. 7:20 and 55 degrees on this friday morning. maryland governor -- with the commander in chief. and the man expected to be d.c.'s next mayor, a look at local politics when we come back. is come now might be a good time to get your holiday shopping list together. it's time for the ifival. you can find the one-of-a-kind gifts for everyone. check outing arts and crafts this morning and we're checking in with her later this hour. stay with us. 7:21 now. playing )
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>> president obama taking time out to praise governor o'malley. this is yesterday during a rally. he told the crowd to keep democrats in office and go to the polls. president obama went on to say that o'malley has made big investments in education during tough times. the former governor ehrlich and his running mate attended the montgomery county women for ehrlich event in potomac and stopped by an event on early care and education in gaithersburg. o'malley and ehrlich will face off in their first debate on monday in baltimore. and continuing the up to hall tour through all eight of the wards and many -- adrian fenty. and tackled the issues of education, voting rights, jobs
7:26 am
and parking meter rates and when he admitted he has work to do and he got 20% of the vote in ward 3. >> others -- not response testify what is important to them. i understand that and accept
7:27 am
that and i look forward to working with you. >> in the city. >> he told the district residents that the former mayor anthony williams agreed to be a part of his finance team to
7:28 am
deal with the mounting budget crisis. 7:25 right now on this friday morning and one week after the mid-term elections, former president george w. bush's memoirs will be on book
7:29 am
store shelves. and a publisher is expecting big sales. and tony will be back with a look at our beautiful holiday weekend forecast and the on- time traffic. it's all when we return at 7:26
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now. >> stories making headlines this morning. we start in hungary where the volume of the toxic sludge is as big now as the gulf oil spill. that is the word from officials
7:31 am
in europe this morning. green peace warning of high levels of arsenic and mercury in the red sludge that seeped out of a reservoir on monday. a dead zone of fish and wildlife showing up in streams and flowing into the danube river.
7:32 am
we'll be live in hungary at 8:00. new, mails showed the agriculture secretary was warned he may not have the full story when he fired shirley sherrod. they looked at 800 pages of e- mails and found he hastily
7:33 am
oustedsherrod. she pleaded with agriculture officials to listen to her story and i will have sack apologized to her and asked her to come back to work. former president george w.
7:34 am
bush's million war is due out next month. an enhanced e book will be available with video highlights and photographs and some personal correspondence. that includes 9/11, and the war in iraq.
7:35 am
it's called decision point and will be on store shelves right after the election on november 9th. this week, a look at the mid-term elections with two up- and-coming congressional
7:36 am
leaders, including one from our area. here's more from capitol hill with the preview. good morning. >> good morning. >> you're checking in to see where things stand into the mid-
7:37 am
term elections and tell bus the show on sunday. >> sure, we have congressman eric canitor from virginia and congresswoman schultz. we'll talk about the houseeracies and trends around
7:38 am
america, as you look at all of these competitive races around the country. you're going to hear probably a debate about the big issues, the tax cuts, economy and people facing foreclosures, 1 in 5 americans facing the
7:39 am
possibility of a foreclosure and a lot about the economy, i'm sure, as we look at the races and we'll take a political expert and look around the country and the most
7:40 am
competitive races and what the landscape could look like 25 days from now. >> and there is a segment on the trail, and that is interesting, too, the congresspeople that you have ho
7:41 am
on, have not been there forever and they're not career congress people yet. maybe have their polls on what the people are thinking. >> sure. >> and they're in the
7:42 am
leadership and democratic and republican party in the house. they have a sense both inside washington and what it's like in their districts -- districts and they're trying to get, obviously, all of their
7:43 am
lawmakers on their side elected and that is going to be a tough year for democrats. >> bret baer is in for chris. the show is "fox news sunday." you can catch that at 9 after
7:44 am
fox 5 morning news on sunday. >> all right. sunday, saturday, today. all going to be great days outside and no shortages. >> nice. >> it's cool and clear blue
7:45 am
skies. >> and that is going to be a good day and good weekend. showing you the temperatures across the region, the 40s and 50s in d.c. and we're at 55 degrees and dulles, 46 degrees.
7:46 am
patuxent naval air station, 56; hagerstown, it's 54 degrees. the temperature trend for the next few days, oh, fantastic. our temperatures above normal. our average high is 71 degrees and this is where we're headed.
7:47 am
has it jammed up? can we get it to work? there you go. 76 degrees for today and tomorrow near 80 degrees, 80 on monday and not bad at all and
7:48 am
let's look at the satellite radar and i wanted to confirm there is nothing out there. nothing is showing up on our map and we have clear skies. high pressure in control and
7:49 am
not just here but across the eastern united states. we are losing some of the data in the last couple of frames and there are rain showers. they have to move to the north
7:50 am
and can't get here because of the high pressure and for those of you going to the redskins game and i know there are 90,000 of you, the redskins take on the green bay packers. this is the forecast.
7:51 am
if you're going out and tailgating, mostly sunny, fantastic. low to mid-70s kickoff at 1:00 in the afternoon. the forecast for today looks like this and mostly sunny
7:52 am
skies, a mild afternoon, high about 76 degrees. the five-day forecast, what can i tell you? quiet conditions and that high pressure is in control. nice temperatures, warmer than average, including temperatures
7:53 am
at or around 80 degrees and on saturday and on monday and tuesday and now here's julie wright with more on the morning rush hour traffic. hey, julie. it's busy heading into
7:54 am
downtown this morning in southeast and the susan g. komen cure for the race and that is where we have a lot of pedestrian traffic and a lot of police activity there and that
7:55 am
is what is causing tieups from northeast to southeast and southbound from eastern avenue, it's bumper-to-bumper slow towards the exits there and at south capitol street. we have footage of the walkers
7:56 am
taking place and leaving that state and southeast washington. a lot of police presence there and a lot to see and that is a lot to talk in and coming inbound off of the suitland
7:57 am
parkway and that douglas bridge. all of the lanes are open and that is a lot of distraction there as they take off and into montgomery county, no lanes are open and this is a typical
7:58 am
slowdown leading 118 to mba and to the slit. the outer loop remains low slow and 95 to georgia avenue. that is a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic.
7:59 am
>> thank you. one of the redskins biggest stars is on the sidelines this week. what chance do they stand against the green bay packers on sunday? >> your friday football
8:00 am
forecast is next. >> up first, video you will only see on fox. three hours ago, the driver accused of hitting and killing a woman on her birthday and not stopping turned herself in to police. and we're live on the scene of a suspicious death if fairfax county. a man was found dead inside his home and this morning, his car is missing. and then a new insight at how bad the situation is in hungary. where's flood of toxic sludge has created a disaster. good morning, i'm steve cheveney. >> i'm allison seymour. it's friday, thank goodness and tony is here with the forecast. >> it couldn't be better and it's a holiday weekend, some folks are off on monday,
8:01 am
government workers and going to be great weather through the weekend and jump on in, show you the satellite radar composite. the main reason i'm showing it to you, it's rare that we see one that has so little activity on it and it's just -- there is nothing going out there. the breezes have died down >> 7:39 right now. the suspected fork lift shooter won't get a exam. the military ordered it. a board of mental health
8:02 am
professionals is determining if he's competent to stand trial. last november 's shooting that killed 13 people. and a security scare at philadelphia international airport forced more than 100
8:03 am
passengers off of a u.s. airways plane and it happened after two workers noticed a coworker who was not assigned to be there near the jet while bags were being loaded. when they confronted the man,
8:04 am
he ran away and all luggage had to be rescanned. the person was not identified or located and the fbi said there appears to be no terrorism connection. and inves
8:05 am
looking into what caused a roller coaster accident at the knots berry theme park in southern california. a roller coaster car didn't make it up the incline instead rolling back slamming into
8:06 am
another car waiting in the spaceship. 10 people were hurt, mostly minor back and neck injuries. and over to you. >> thank >> the allegations alone, though, will end up complicating any court cases the officers are involved with. chief hilton said the teacher has been fired but remains at the academy. the chief is working one day to audit the files of recent
8:07 am
cases. they could be rescued as early as monday and that is if they decide they don't need to re-enforce the tunnel that will carry the men 2,000 feet to the surface. if so, the rescue would be pushed back more than 10 more days while they insert a steel pipe into the shaft and crews are inspecting the capsules that will transport the men up one-by-one. the chilean military officials have created as to determine the order in which they will be rescued, based on the physical and mental health and strength of character. new figures this morning show there is almost as much toxic red sludge in streets and homes in hungary as there was oil in the gulf of mexico after the bp oil spill and green peace this morning saying the sludge has, quote, surprisingly high levels of arsenic and mercury. the sludge bust from an aluminum plant in western hungary on monday and get an update on what is happening there now and joining us live from budapest, hungary, is the -- and a former box 5.
8:08 am
>> although, i think crews are working hard. what is going is that once the toxic sludge reached the rivers, it -- [ indiscernible ] which is -- the northern part of hungary and -- hungary and is going to floflow into the -- [ indiscernible ] and danube river. they're trying to -- with different techniques and one is to pour plaster and acid into the river so that this is going to maybe loosen the situation and make it a little bit better and not have table -- . >> the towns are overrun with
8:09 am
the slum. what happens with that -- what is happening with the human aspect? >> right, and this is the situation. in hungary, the economic, ecological catastrophe. and what happens, they don't want to move back. at the beginning of the week, man people are thinking all right, they're going to clean up their houses and crews are going to help. it's impossible and they're -- implications that there might be more toxic -- to it. what they decided and when yesterday, the hunger and prime minister visited that -- they going to build new homes and basically, these people can move into new homes and the other two villages and -- [ indiscernible ] they're going to clean yet up and bably the company with the disaster will need to provide financial help.
8:10 am
>> and we heard the comparisons this morning to the bp oil spill in the gulf of mexico, a lot of folks are more familiar with and if look at it on that scale, we may lose sight over what is happening there. is this something we expect to continue to worsen at this point, it is the government doing enough to help the people out? >> i think the government is working very, verdict hard and what, although they hoping is that there will be more volunteers coming and more financial aid. the hunger and government every single day unuse ised -- unused and you can hear it from people on the streets so that people get some money to buy buckets and all sorts of goods so that people really can death out themselves from this -- from in this mud. >> right. >> certainly have a well- intention of this point and wish you nothing but the best. thank you for joining us this morning and best of luck to you in hungary as well and in -- our thoughts are with the
8:11 am
people of hungary this morning. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. >> all right, thank you, judith. >> interesting to get the input of someone there behind the big stories we talk about. >> the perspective, of course. >> okay. it's 8:10 right now on this friday morning. the noble peace prize awardd this morning. who received it when we check out the other stories making headlines. and new yorkers on food stamps might be banned from buying sugary sodas with the foods. part of an effort to battle obesity and it's a big name behind it. we'll look closer when we come back. stay with us. 811. without the pills.
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>> time now is 8:13 and look at the stories making headline. police looking for a pair of robbers who held up an armored car in bethesda and the men confronted two gards yesterday. the suspect stole money and one of the guns. no one was hurt. it's the latest from three armored car robbers. it's an unechecht up on expected day off. and this is because of the small fire last night. it started in an empty room in the third floor and constitution avenue. the damage was limited but the building will be closed today. the commerce department employees are authorized to take administrationist leave. and they should report to work this morning. and reacting angrily this
8:15 am
morning, won the 2010 noble peace prize. the 54-year-old is in prison for calling for more freedom and an end to communist rule. -- this morning, the dalay lama is calling on china. alterror error 15:00 right now and we have multiple pick me ups. >> oh, yeah. >> and the koa cast is enough. >> and we go above and beyond. it's friday and we want to send you out on a good note and no way than to feature the my first 5 photo of the day and on top of it. angel. >> oh. and this is what we're going to get now. >> yeah. >> and which we love. angel is going to dress up as a fairy princess for her first halloween. >> oh,. >> and -- >> look at that face. >> uh-huh. >> and she's enjoying it. >> yeah. >> and she's happy why it -- in
8:16 am
it. >> thank you for sending it in and angel is beautiful g. to and click on mornings 55 degrees, remains 55 at this hour and 67%. the winds are calm and barometric pressure continues to be on the rise and satellite radar, things look good and reagan national reporting fair skies and things look great. the five-day forecast, today, look for a high of 76 degrees with sunny skies. the winds have calmed down and very nice. and that high near 80, and lots of sun. monday, we add a couple of clouds and still beautiful. tuesday, partly cloudy skies and 81 degrees still, fantastic and enjoy the holiday weekend
8:17 am
and that is what is happening with the weather and we go to julie wright. and it's the caps home opener tomorrow night. >> absolutely. >> you have to rock it. >> and i am all over the -- for the caps. they don't. and opinion taking the weather. >> from the metro to the entrance, okay? and they important to me. >> going to be nice. cool, though. >> got it. >> and below speed, 95 to georgia avenue and the inner loop to university boulevard and to the exit for i-95 and into the sunshine. expect the delays here. southbound 270 and out of rockville and that is it. 66 and delays in centreville, 236 and west of the beltway, the accident activity in each direction and follow to get through. southbound kennelworth avenue and to howard road and south capitol street and this is to the freeway and again, there is a lot of pedestrian traffic and
8:18 am
police activity downtown and all in support. and that is taking place this morning. that is the check of the fox 5 on-time traffic. food stamps, 46 million people in the united states rely on food stamps to get by now. the question is should governments be allowed to impose restrictions with what families can buy with the federal assistance? >> new york city wants to ban the purchase of sugary drinks with food stands and say that it's to help fight obesity. the move is getting reaction. >> reporter: this magnifies how much south sar in a bolt of soda. new york city wants to crack down on sugar drinks. >> we have an epidemic of obesity and diabetes in new york city. there are many contributing causes to it and looks like the greatest cause is the increase in consumption of sugar- sweetened beverages. >> reporter: the mayor and the figure wants the government to ban sugar drinks from the list of items people can buy from
8:19 am
the food stamps in the city. the food stamp program is designed to help struggling americans buy healthy food. >> why are we ruing -- using the money that was supposed to provide nutrition to actually further inflate the problems that we have in our healthcare system? >> reporter: in fact, experts say last year, obesity and diabetes were twice as prevalent among the city's poorest households compared to the wealthiest. 57% of adults in new york city and close to 40% of children between kindergarten and 8th grade are overweight or obese. >> the only major public health issues in this countryia that are getting worse is obesity and diabeaties, which are tied together. >> and that the people's choice. >> this is mighty, mighty crazy. for all of these people -- .
8:20 am
>> linda schmidt reporting there. now, they can still buy unhealthy products, talk about those people who use them in the city. they can purchase with food stamps, potato chips, ice cream, candy. >> things like that. >> and officials say they targeting the sugary drinks because they happen to be the largest contributor to obesity, based on the studies that they were cited. e. it's 820 temenoses on this -- 8:20 on this friday morning. the man expected to be d.c.s next may sor going before voters and perhaps un-- mayor is going before voters and perhaps infriendly territory. now might be a great time to get your holiday shopping list together. you can find the one-of-a-kind gifts. for everyone on the list. and holly is checking out arts and drafts -- crafts this morning. checking in with her this hour. stay with us.
8:21 am
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8:23 am
>> 8:23 now. president obama is praising maryland governor martin o'malley yesterday during a rally at bowie state
8:24 am
university. the president told the crowd to keep democrats in office. o'malley made big investments in education during tough times. o'malley's opponent republican bob ehrlich spent his day stomping for votes. the former governor and his running mate attended the running for ehrlich event and stopped by on early care and education. o'malley and ehrlich will face off on the first debate on monday in baltimore. and have an sent gray continues the town hall tour all of eight wards. gray tackled the issues of education, voting rights, jobs and parking meter rates and admitted he had work to do in ward 3 where he only got 20% of the vote for mayor. >> other people -- like our campaign was not response testify what was important to them and i understand that, i accept that and i look forward to working with you. >> in the city. >> and vince gray said that
8:25 am
former d.c. mayor anthony williams agreed to be a part of the finance team to deal with the mounting budget crisis. 8:24 now. >> checking out some fun family -- and they're all free. we hear about the dangers of cell phones. we'll tell you how this happen when is we come back. blue diamond almonds! more bold flavor! more variety! more value! more of what you want... not what you don't. blue diamond almonds. (play-by-play announcer) it's up and it is... good! more than a snack.
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8:28 am
>> all right, it's 8:28 right now. a man from leesburg, the serial stabber, is facing new charges. he's accused of destruction of property. prosecutors say he smashed out the windows of a car parked outside of a michigan bar in
8:29 am
new york city man thankful to be alive, shot with the cell phones in his pants and stopped the bullet that some say saved his life. he was not seriously hurt at all. this happened in a building where he was a new superintendent. he believes the old superintendent shot him. the suspect is on the run this morning and there you go. >> yes. >> fortunately no drama in the weather department. >> it's cool out there, a nice, pleasant start and with -- on the way we go to 70s for the foreseeable future. >> yeah. >> the five days, upper 70s and low 80s inside here. >> have a good weekend. >> and perfect, actually.
8:30 am
>> cool off the northwest, frederick, 46 degrees and in fredericksburg, 48 for you. 58 in -- the naval station and 51 in hagerstown. we have a cool start, a nice finish this afternoon. lots of bright sunshine expected and temperatures in the mid-70s, not much humidity and wind. this is going to be a nie -- a nice few days. the weekend and all outdoor activities are a go as we're going have highs in the upper 70s by saturday and touching 80s during the day tomorrow and 80s returning monday and today. the 80s around here for early next week and off to the north and east. we're doing the big h and this is a dominating area of high pressure from the dakotas and into texas, east into washington, atlanta and into
8:31 am
new england. we'll talk about the conditions for the weekend. the area of high pressure is very slowly pushing to the east. a great looking forecast here the next few days. mostly sunny skies, a beautiful afternoon, 76 degrees the afternoon high temperature. the winds are lighter than yesterday out of the west at 5 to 10 miles per hour and the weekend forecast couldn't be better. lots of sunshine. 80 tomorrow, mid-70s for the football game on sunday, monday and tuesday, kick -- keep it going and temperatures above average, 10 degrees above where they should be in the low 80s and paul is in studio with us to help you out with the weekend. >> reporter: i'm here. did you know it's an inn -- international holiday this weekend? >> i did not. this is my song that hints to where what it is. >> okay. >> helping me come up with the song. >> you know, the holiday?
8:32 am
>> the festival of the building arts going on this saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the -- and you can learn about dry walling, plastering, mail nail driving and more. all construction work and we have expert building demonstrations and that festival will accept topinations and the is, haven't goes on through sunday at the center and the event brings the heart and soul of german tradition. at the event, you can enjoy oktoberfest food and beer, carnival rides and admission is free. food and ride tickets are $1, which is pretty much free.
8:33 am
you can experience the music, food and have face painting and crafts for the kids, parties 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. >> reporter: don't. >> that is what they're doing these days. right now, spin me right now and i caught up with enthusiasts this week to learn what is going this weekend. we're talking about what is going on saturday? >> sure, saturday is the d.c. premier of the -- [ indiscernible ] and they're one of four international cities to win this opportunity. [ indiscernible ] >> okay, sunday is an
8:34 am
international holiday? >> it is. >> isn't that wild? called. >> where is it going be? at rock creek park. >> okay. >> and let's do the lesson. >> yeah. >> and i am obviously an amateur. we going start with the hand, right? and going to let it roll around us. excellent. >> okay. >> and keep your them pointing up. [ laughter ] all right. >> and there is a bit there. >> okay. >> and if you want to. >> ways? you bet. >> and, by the way, this burns 300 calories below. >> sure, and fun. >> business and fun. all right, and -- [ indiscernible ] coming back. >> all right. >> and keep your head up. keep your head up. >> and -- [ indiscernible ]
8:35 am
>> yeah! >> major there! >> thanks for teaching me. >> thank you. >> we'll leave it to the experts. >> easier in. >> i would think it would be harder. >> and go to the world week day sunday. >> i like it on. >> and to clarify, we're at the washington monument. that is rock creek park. >> that makes sense. >> i thought it was national record day. i was wrong. i thought that is where you were going. >> well? they won't be welcome you to the next event. >> that is fun. it's 8:35 right now on this
8:36 am
friday morning, and unemployment numbers released at 8:30. >> and on the break. the ever-spirited kennedy. [ indiscernible ] >> the redskins-packers game this weekend and this is not happening, you know, you have to get groomed and wearing the burgundy and gold bandana after 9. dave ross will try to compete with that cuteness and back for our friday football forecast. 
8:37 am
8:38 am
woman 1 sync: i knew what bob ehrlich did as governor. man 1 sync: raised my property taxes 60 percent. woman 2 sync: let utilities hike our rates 72 percent. woman 1 sync: but i didn't know what he's done since he got fired as governor. man 2: ehrlich's raked in millions. man 3: he worked for a wall street bank that took 10 billion dollars from the bailout. woman 3: 10 billion of our money. woman 4: our money. woman 5 sync: and he worked for another bank that collapsed. man 4: costing tax payers 17 million. anncr: tell bob ehrlich big banks don't need help. middle class marylanders do.
8:39 am
>> inemployment numbers, the economy lost 95,000 jobs last month when the government shed a number of jobs, mostly census workers. the good news here, the jobs rate remains at 9.6% and the number of analysts say it may rise and that will stay at 9.6% check out our job shop. the job of the day today at southland industries in dulles, looking for a multimedia graphics designer. if you would like more information on this job and many others not involving the housewives of d.c., those jobs are taken. we'll talk about them coming up and go to for the latest on everything. if you want the job shop, go to
8:40 am
the job shop tab and stay tuned. >> nice. president obama is sending's new law -- in congress. the congress is rejecting the bill. he fears it will make it worse and will have unintended consequences and will let it be handled electronically instead of having documents notarized. >> and the season finale, what we have been waiting for, they're going to talk about it. >> for many reasons. >> uh-huh. >> and we're going to check in with holly first. and we're talking about dishes literally. and more. and they are set for the craft festival. 250 artisans under. where you can come and be a part of it next. stay with us.   >> and you ready to show us
8:41 am
your stuff? uimegoni
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8:44 am
it's a moment that we have all been waiting for. all season long. last night's finale of the real housewives of d.c. was all about the crazy white house drama. as we watched the salaw he's attend the -- sahalis attend the state's dinner. >> say it isn't. >> no. >> and the no column for the hill. >> -- over the city and 3.9, wkys and you work with us at fox 5 and a planning producer here and expert. >> becoming the new bff, she's the former publicist through the sahalis and going your prop to the owner. and the group but, really, let me start with you. >> just your, you were there and what were you thinking as
8:45 am
you were seeing it again? >> it was absolutely insane, and you know, from a pr perspective -- . >> it caa fulled them the way they wanted and this is what they wanted. it was opportunity meets time. >> right. >> and it was a perfect storm. >> right. >> perfect storm for the couple. >> and. >> making and seeing. i want to start with when they walked up to the gate and they not on the list but watch what happened. >> okay, this is the first checkpoint. but -- >> but they get through. >> yes.
8:46 am
>> the minute they got through is that they were on the list for, for the president's departure from the south lawn of the white house. that day, that morning. it was raining that morning and so his official departure, they invite 20 or so people a day to come see was cancelled and they were on what the secret service said was their clearance list for the day. >> i see. >> and that is the kickoff for them. >> watching the late -- of the live show, they felt vindicated. we walked them [ indiscernible ] >> the sahalis way and for me. -- . >> no, naughty, naughty sahalis. they make it happen. >> yesterday, speaking at bowie state university to say, look, i want to get the sahalis from my kids. >> in the white house? >> yeah. >> and in the white house, the salahis. i'm going to do the joe biden. >> yeah. >> and -- [ indiscernible ]
8:47 am
>> saying this. >> yeah. >> and yeah. >> the bottom line, you're not on the list. you don't go in. >> right. >> what part of that do you not understand? >> absolutely. >> and, yeah, i just, you know what? if you didn't tune in for the other episodes, i am sure america's watching last night. they lied about everything. >> absolutely. >> and -- [ indiscernible ] >> right. >> that is their m.o. >> right. >> and obviously gets them -- [ indiscernible ] >> period. >> who allows them the access. >> not necessarily working. the show is not picked up the second season. >> that is okay, there are other spinoff things. >> right. >> and with a lot of offers. that is how it is. >> charged the autograph. >> right. >> and with two souls.
8:48 am
>> absolutely. >> looking at it. >> what it is. >> a person who never gave her a pass on the show has been cast. >> hmm. >> and she was directly affected by this. >> right. >> and uninvited to the white house. she was planning to go to. this is the point where she can't control her feelings anymore, there is -- this is at stays's house after the whole incident at the white house. check it out. >> back to you and to make artificial -- and thank god, i got -- than ever having to appreciate them. >> okay. >> and i have to come back. i have to come back. >> she's right here. and which is -- . >> she is, of course, saying that you're, i don't know where exactly, but basically an insult to america. the whole time she has the smile on her face. [ indiscernible ] >> and those peanuts. and -- [ indiscernible ] >> yeah. >> and immuned to any type of that. she's immuned. >> oh.
8:49 am
and listening to her own voice and that is all she does. >> how many voices does she have? >> she summed it all well. >> and how do you expect to come here and talk and not talk about the headlines. >> they were told not to and this was the mo throughout. >> right. >> the only thing they learned how to say was on the advice of couple, we -- dis-- of council. >> right, and every time, this is video of the c-span where they gathered at linda's house to watch and they feel vindicated. >> right. >> and there is so on the advice of my council. >> right. >> and are you here today? >> look at them and lingering.
8:50 am
--m is sorry, so involved with this that i watched the she afterward and on bravo. who does that and sits around? going against somebody. >> and pointing to where the obama's owe us an apology. all the stuff we went through. think about what place you put yourself in. >> sure. >> and i want to say i have nothing to do with it and considered a fun lissity stunt. i would not want to put my clients -- . >> right. >> and all right, that is bad, you know. >> basically, stacy finds her dad, they're going to meet now. >> right. >> and the divorce. successfully and coming back to the district. >> right. >> and sort of a regular thing, right? >> right.
8:51 am
>> we're average people. >> right. >> and the sahalis made the drama. >> we have to ask mahogany, did you ever get paid by the salahis? [ indiscernible ] [ overlapping speakers ] >> to say -- . >> see, that says a lot. >> yeah. >> and i give props to linda for being happy offseason. >> yeah. >> and i think they have a lot to do with her. >> you -- [ indiscernible ] >> and christina, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> and thank you. >> to do one thing. >> exactly. >> with white wine? >> and bravo. [ indiscernible ] [ overlapping speakers ] >> you're not a regular panel. we appreciate your health going above and beyond throughout this season. thank you very much. it's 8 pone. hole -- 8:51. and crafty, showing the
8:52 am
montgomery county fairgrounds. >> and i love one-of-a-kind things, things you can't find anywhere and that is what that sugar loaf crafts festival is about and they have artists doing damage straights, foods and music and have kids entertainments to bring the home family and let them do something up and have a way for to you help out a good cause as well. >> our friends here at sugar loaf, they helping us recess the show that the local food bank has and we're asking the community as they come in to shop to bring an unperrishable food item and located near the food court and they can help us, you know, looking like a long winter. >> all are long and with hunger and that is a problem in our area. and even one condition of food
8:53 am
can make a difference. >> and we're seeing spiking numbers in the season. 237 families came to the food bank yesterday to pick up food and that is a real need and a step for the community to be there to respond to our neighbors and me. >> we thank you for ifing us the opportunity and thank you so much. of course, when you bring your food, you should come out and drop it there. right now, we happen to be among the best. if you love that, you're going to love rob mer. that is his specialty, hot road. and the flames which is a seen for the show. >> y that have two pots in here. one is ready. and we're going to pull a pot and put it in the reduction form. >> okay. >> and as we do, that explain to me what it is? that is a firing that happens rapidly. >> uh. >> we speed it up and cool it down fast and in a reduction
8:54 am
cam. >> okay, see it happen here. >> this is 97 degreesed in. >> wow. how long you have been doing this? >> i have been doing it for 25 years. >> is this enough to put the fire out? inside it's a reduction atmosphere. so, what it's going to do is change copper to the flat copper and will be in here for 10 minutes. >> right now, you need to come out and be a part of the sugar loaf craft festival coming on today, tomorrow and sunday in gaithersburg. the fairgrounds and on friday and saturday, it's 10-6 and on
8:55 am
sunday, 10-5 and if you get them ahead of time. we have a link to theirs. in the next hour, we'll check back in with our pottery and see how it's going on and check out another artist and -- >> back to you guys. >> save some for me. it's 8:55 and it's going to be a great weekend. >> and they change from summer to autumn and coming up next hour, how to make the most of this season's offer. 
8:56 am
8:57 am
my dad is the supervisor of a train station and my mom's a teacher. my dad's an auto technician. my mom's a receptionist. i'm not sure i would have been able to afford college without the tuition freeze. while tuition in other states is rising out of reach... governor o'malley made the tough choice to freeze tuition. he made my dream of going to college into a reality. i'm the first in my family to go to college.
8:58 am
my brother and i never would have been able to afford college. even though times were tough... governor o'malley kept his promise. there's never a doubt... there's never a doubt whose side he's on. martin o'malley... moving maryland forward. >> that will do it for the 8:00 hour of fox 5 morning news. we have one more hour to go. we'll turn it over to tony and allison for the 9:00 hour.
8:59 am
and this is a look at some of the stories we're working on. a fox 5 morning news, we continue to follow the mortgage mess. earlier this week, we heard d.c. representative eleanor holmes norton talking about the fact that some banks are requiring you to be 3 months behind yo on your mortgage before you can get help. is the system flawed? we're talking with a mortgage expert for answers. and he's the star of tv and movies, josh is a -- duhamel? >> yes. >> has a new movie out and joins us live later to talk about it. >> and that is what i


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